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Ayurveda Approach to Mental & Emotional States

Ayurvedic Center of Vermont 34 Oak Hill Road, Williston, VT, United States

This weekend is only for students at the Mahatma School of Ayurveda at the Ayurveda Center of Vermont, but it gives you a taste of what's covered in case you might want to join their (excellent) program. Dr. Welch plans to explore: Ayurvedic Perspectives of...

Forest Dweller Retreat: Navigating the Vānaprastha Stage of Life

Vaidyagrama, an Ayurveda Healing Village 15(1) Rottikaranur Road, Thirumalayampalayam Post,, Madukkarai via Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for October, 2021 but has been postponed due to the uncertainty related to Covid19 around travel in these times. If you had registered for the original dates, kindly contact vaidyagrama to make new arrangements. Vānaprastha is the third of...

USD650 – USD1900

Vedic Remedies for Modern Spiritual Crises

A Live Satsangam LLC Event Identifying, Navigating & Resolving Emotional Disequilibrium Through the Lens of Daivavyapāśraya (Treatment of Spiritual Maladies) With Josh Schrei of The Emerald podcast, Fred Smith, Ramkumar & Claudia Welch Yoga with Scott Blossom & Vedic Astrology with Emily Glaser While in the...


May Sessions of Vedic Threads: The Heart & The Mind; Neha Tiwari & Laura Clarke Stelmok


In Indian wisdom traditions, the words for, “mind” (manas) and, “heart” (hṛdayam) seem interchangeable in certain contexts. And sometimes not. What are the differences and connections between the two? Why is this important or meaningful? Is the heart concurrently a physical, mental and energetic organ? Is the mind?

In the first of the May sessions of Vedic Threads, linguist and lover of literature, culture, and knowledge Neha Tiwari has accepted an invitation to join Drs. Ramkumar and Claudia to explore a bit of Ayurveda, tantra and bhakti perspectives on these questions. In the second May session, Laura Clarke Stelmok has accepted an invitation to join the conversation and share a perspective the tradition of Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi teacher in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi Order.

New: Women’s Health & Hormones online course taught by Dr. Welch, with an innovative approach to understanding women’s hormones and health conditions. Designed for everybody, regardless of medical background, from MDs to professionals of Ayurveda or TCM, to anyone interested in women’s health.