Ayurvedic Certification and Licensure

If you are considering the study of Ayurveda, there may be a few things you are thinking about: what you want to do with your Ayurvedic education (for example: incorporate it into your life for personal reasons, incorporate it into a yoga practice, be able to counsel people on lifestyle and diet issues or go for full clinical training). Each one of these goals would be best served by various courses of action. And there is the consideration of the legality of practicing Ayurveda where you live.

No matter where you live or which of those goals you might have, our Foundations of Ayurveda Parts 1 and 2 online courses, co-taught by Dr. Claudia Welch and Dr. Robert Svoboda, create an in-depth, solid foundation to embark on a serious study of Ayurveda. However, we cannot speak to whether or not this can always help you get the accreditation that you need or are looking for.

Laws & Standard Requirements

Laws differ, not only from country to country, but often between states, provinces, or other localities. We are unable to provide information about the laws where you reside. Laws and regulations change or are updated frequently, and we are unable to keep current on that information. Each of us needs to educate ourselves about the laws that apply in our own location, and determine if and how Āyurveda can be practiced legally and safely there.

If you are a citizen of the United States (US), there are currently no established legal requirements for Ayurvedic practitioner or provider status. The same is true for Ayurvedic education. However, the current standard-setting organization in the US is the National Āyurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) . NAMA is the only nationally recognized organization in the US that provides authentic certification as an Ayurvedic Professional that is widely recognized within the Ayurvedic community.  

NAMA has designated, and set requirements for, three levels of Āyurvedic professionals, in order of increasing educational requirements and scope of practice: Āyurvedic Health Counselor, Āyurvedic Practitioner, and Āyurvedic Doctor. If you wish to comply with NAMA standards, this information will be pertinent to you. 

For more information about their requirements, please visit and check out NAMA’s information page on training requirements and scope of practice for each level of certification. It is important to contact NAMA directly for this as their requirements may change and we’d love to see you have the most up-to-date information in this developing profession.

As is common practice in all other healthcare fields, professional certification is provided by regulatory organizations (in this case, NAMA certification). Ayurvedic educational organizations such as schools, and online programs or courses may issue diplomas and certificates of completion, or degrees, but do not offer legitimate certification as an Ayurvedic professional.

Our Certificates

Each of Dr. Welch’s online courses provides you with a Certificate of Completion, indicating that you took the course and passed the  examinations. The certificate of completion from Dr. Welch and Svoboda’s Foundations of Ayurveda Part I and II online courses can be used to partially fulfill the requirements for any level of NAMA  certification. You would need further study to comply with their requirements. (Please contact us about our other courses being eligible for NAMA credit, if you need).

Gratefully, the Certificates of Completion we award for our Foundation of Ayurveda Courses are accepted as transfer credit in a number of NAMA-certified schools of Ayurveda with which we have established affiliations.

Please contact us for a document that lets you know both in-person and online options to continue your studies once you have graduated from our Foundations of Ayurveda Parts 1 & 2 online programs. Once you’ve completed those programs, then you would need to apply for certification through NAMA.

If you could use a bit more assistance, kindly let us know your goals and about your situation (ability to relocate for full time studies, or ability to travel for intensive weekends/weeks), your background, where you live, and any information about why and how you want to study Ayurveda, and any known plans for how you will use your studies. Then we may be able to offer some more tailored ideas.

If you are not interested in pursuing Ayurveda in great depth but looking more to simply incorporate it into your personal life, there may be options better suited to you than our courses, which are quite in depth. Our Foundations I & II online courses were taught over the course of 2 weeks each, in person, but that was a very intensive program. While it is possible to complete each course in two weeks, it is probably impossible to really fully understand and integrate them in that time frame.  They are quite intensive and packed lessons. You will have access to each course (Foundations I or II) for one year, so you might want to take them one at a time, in case it takes you longer than you plan. (There are options to extend your access to them beyond a year if need be).

Also, please do read through the FAQs about Foundations I & II on our website. There is a LOT of information there about the program details:

Besides the Foundational series, you might be interested Dr. Welch’s online courses, “Healthier Hormones“, which generally provides insights for Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, NDs, and MDs  as well students outside the healthcare profession.

Completion of all the above components are included in the prerequisites for joining Dr. Welch’s Mentorship program,  something to consider when you are further down the road in your Ayurvedic studies.

There  is also a private tutoring option available, for tailored guidance for your  studies and application to your current professional field, should you find yourself needing a bit more guidance either in your studies or in thinking about which direction to take your studies.

At any time in your studies of Ayurveda, you can and are encouraged to apply what you learn to your own life and to share general insights privately with friends and  family. While it is natural to incorporate what we are learning into our lives and to want to share it with others, it is important to have a sufficient understanding of Ayurveda through education and training– to at least the AHC level, before providing Ayurvedic health counseling.

Please let us know if we may be of further assistance. We are aware it can be daunting to figure out what you need to study and how you might be able to do it in a way that works for you and within your local regulations. The fun part, though, is that you get to be a pioneer of your own education….figuring out what combination of online or in-person programs, which country (countries) you may want to study in and what direction appeals to you.

Looking for an intensive, in-depth foundation in Ayurveda, that you can do in your pajamas, on your own schedule, with tea? We invite you to consider our online courses, "Foundations of Ayurveda" Parts I and II, co-taught by Dr. Claudia Welch & Dr. Robert Svoboda. 100+ hours of video, handouts, quizzes, & certificates.