About Eastern Medicine

Most of the resources on this website are rooted in Eastern and Āyurvedic principles.


You can read more about it in these pages but—in short—it’s a little bit of everything. It includes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Āyurveda. 

You may have heard of TCM—which includes acupuncture, moxa (heat therapy) and herbal remedies. You may not have heard of Āyurveda. Āyurveda is to India what TCM is to China. It is a complete medical system including anatomy, physiology, pathology and treatment principles and translates as, “the science of life.” And life itself is a little bit of everything–diet, emotions, obligations, exercise, relationships, spiritual pursuits, daily routines.

Eastern medicine helps us understand how what we do, think, feel, eat, buy and expose ourselves to, affects our bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. From there, we can alter things to improve our lives.


On the one hand, we can agree with Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, when he says it doesn’t take much to see that our personal problems don’t “amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world”.

On the other hand, one of my teachers wrote “Wanted: Reformers: not of others, but of ourselves”. It turns out that what’s good for us is generally beneficial for the greater good. When we are healthy, it has a positive impact on our families, communities and the planet.

So. Maybe grab a hot cup of organic, raw cacao, peruse a current or old article which includes explorations into intriguing aspects of health & wellness, or whatever else is on my mind; check out a couple books; download Prāṇa, a CD of visualizations designed to support mental and physical balance, check out where we can meet in person or, just settle in for a good browse…

New: Menopause Chronicles, an honest conversation about transformation with Dr. Claudia Welch and friends.