Prāṇa CD or Audio Downloads

For the cultivation and harmonization of prāṇa

Prāṇa, the life force present in the universe as well as in human beings, is in constant flow. Obstruction to that flow results in physical, mental or emotional discomfort for us, as well as in nature.

The purpose of these exercises on prāṇa, is to encourage ease and health in those who practice them, and in those affected by the practitioners. The exercises serve to introduce or reinforce the listener’s relationship to—and awareness of— prāṇa, of the prāṇamayakośa (life force body) and annamayakośa (physical body), encourage harmony in these kośas (“bodies” or, “sheaths”), soften the matrix in which energetic patterns have been imprinted over the course of our lives, dissolve obstructions therein, so prāṇa can circulate more smoothly, and enliven and balance iḍā and piṅgala, the energetic channels associated with opposite forces in our physiology.

It is best to order all four tracks (they are all present on the CD) and practice them in order, from track 1 to track 4, at least your first time through. After the first time, if you just want to practice “Nāḍi Śodhana” alone, it may be beneficial to practice at least an abbreviated version of the “Dissolving Obstructions” exercise before practicing “Nāḍi Śodhana,” so that the nāḍis (energetic channels in the body) are clearer before attempting to support a new pattern, as the nāḍi śodhana exercise does.

It is possible to feel something like hot flashes occasionally when you practice these exercises. They usually pass quickly. I have found that the exercises do not create pathological heat in the body; just sometimes they release a little heat —perhaps as a result of dispersing prāṇa that had previously been stuck.

These visualizations were created to be easily followed by anyone, whether you have a background in these concepts and practices or not.

I have found these visualizations safe but, if you are pregnant, it is important to check with someone personally who can assess your condition and the stability of your pregnancy and consider together the advisability of these exercises. As with any breathing exercise, if you start to feel light-headed or otherwise uncomfortable, discontinue the practice and breathe normally into your lower abdomen until it passes. I have found the exercises on this cd to be safe for most anyone: old, young, male, female, and at any time of the month and in any season, but it is ideal to consult with your health care practitioner before engaging in this or any exercise or breathing technique or if any uncomfortable symptoms arise.

There is a lot more background on why these exercises can be wildly effective to balance hormones and benefit health in our online course, “Women’s Health & Hormones Part I: Hormonal Balance & Stagnation.”

If you need quiet healing, think these might help and are unable to purchase these visualization exercises, we invite you to contact us, and let us know which of the visualizations you would like, and we can set you up with it/them.

Enjoy 🙂

In Love, Dr. Claudia Welch

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