Useful Websites & Resources


Satya Ayurveda-certified Ayurveda Centers:

Other Ayurveda Sites:

Ayurveda Conference: Periodic International Ayurvedic Conference in India

Ayurvedic Institute: Dr. Vasant Lad’s presence and expertise makes this a special institute for learning ayurveda

Ayurvedic Practitioners Association: Representing Ayurvedic practitioners throughout the United Kingdom

Ayurvedic herbal products from Dr. Vikram Chauhan, MD Saneepa: Experienced Ayurveda care in London

The Ayurvedic Center of Vermont: Certified by Satya Ayurveda,

Banyan Botanicals: A great source for Ayurvedic products and information. Dr. Welch did start to be an affiliate of Banyan in May 2024, but has used and respected their products since their inception. They are currently the only Ayurveda supplement company that she has this relationship with. As a gift, you can use this  15% DISCOUNT CODE: DRCLAUDIA15. This code can be used one time per customer, so good to use it on a big order.

Big Shakti: Presents insightful, deep exploration into various allied Eastern sciences, like Tantra and Ayurveda.

Enjoy Living Contentedly: Practical Ayurveda resources in the UK

Ivy Ingram: Ayurveda consultations & Education

Kripalu School of Ayurveda: Ayurvedic training programs on the East Coast

National Āyurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) an organization that strives to create and maintain standards of practice for Ayurvedic professionals in the US.

Neterapublishing: Indian Alchemy, Rasa Shastra

Pukka Herbs: Ayurvedic herbs in the UK, with a reputation for quality and commitment to sustainable growing practices.

Robert Svoboda, BAMS: Dr. Claudia’s mentor and friend; the first westerner to earn a BAMS ayurvedic degree from India.

Sacred Window: Postpartum AyurDoula Care. Beautiful care for new mothers, using Ayurvedic principles.

Satya Ayurveda: An organization dedicated to supporting spas to offer—and customers to recognize–safe, authentic Ayurvedic offerings. They work to both train and certify spas, clinics and individual practitioners. Dr. Welch is on the advisory board.

Scott Blossom, L.Ac.: An inspired practitioner and instructor of Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sharon Jackson: BSc & PG Dip in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic practitioner in the UK offering consultations, treatments and Panchakarma retreats. Not Satya Ayurveda certified, but known to Dr. Welch for many years.

Sonia Masocco: Ayurveda and phytotherapy consultations

Stree Ayurveda: A foundation committed to empowering women, especially local women, in Rishikesh, India. A good place to support and to volunteer. Which can be empowering to the volunteers as well. They offer classes in Ayurveda, cooking, yoga and sell wonderful, handmade yoga mats, cups made from coconuts, re-useable bags, etc. Contact them for their catalogue.

Vaidyagrama: A traditional healing Ayurvedic eco-village in South India. Good for furthering study in Ayurveda, no matter what your level of training, or for traditional Ayurvedic treatments, pañcakarma, or to volunteer.

Vasanta Lidanova: L.Ac. Acupuncture, Ayurvedic consultations and individualized yoga therapy. Ayurveda & Acupuncture Wellness, Santa Fe, NM

Resources for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Education & Support

Our Women’s Health & Hormones Parts I & II online courses are unable to cover these issues within their scope, but they do set the stage for a foundation for a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Here are some other resources to help navigate those stages of life:


Veda Studies For fellow students of Ayurveda, or any Vedic science, art or tradition, I want to share with you this extraordinary resource for learning to read, write and recite the Vedas, in a living lineage, with Shantala Sriramaiah. Sanskrit is an extraordinarily precise language and it is a gift to be able to study with someone so committed to that precision, heritage and lineage.

Other Tools For Healthy Living

Gimme the Good Stuff: Helps conscientious but overwhelmed parents easily understand the potential risks of a range of kids’ and home products and presents you with a list of safe alternatives—in other words: The Good Stuff.

Floracopia: excellent quality essential oils from a company committed to sustainable growing practices.

Impish LeeVery pretty, fun, supportive, planetary, underwireLESS bras.
I have to write a little extra for this entry. If you’ve studied breast health with me before, you know I’m not a fan of underwire bras. (Please read Chapter 13, “Breast Health” of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life). I believe the pressure of the underwire suppresses free flow of blood, prana & lymph between the breasts and surrounding tissues, compromising long term breast health. But it is not easy to find pretty, supportive underwire-less bras.

Was not easy. Now easier. My dear, committed and talented nieces Kali and Noelle Ventresca of Impish Lee, have created just that. Their triangle and sweetheart bralettes are both underwire-less, high end, well made, pretty and supportive. And you can design them yourselves.

Or you can ask them to order (all or select) days-of-the-week ones I’ve designed (through their site), if you like. Each day’s bra was designed with the colors and or qualities of the planet associated with that day of the week. Here’s a photograph:

Sunday is the red and gold one, Monday is the white one. Tuesday the bright pink one (Mars governs bright colors, as well as red, and since Sunday was already red, that’s the way I went here), Wednesday green, Thursday yellow, Friday cream and rose lace, Saturday the black and blue (naturally).
I have to say, since I got them (on their Black Friday 50% off sale) getting dressed in the morning is way more fun. When I first ordered the Sunday one, I thought it would be the one I wouldn’t really like…the gold stuff would be a bit too much I thought. But it actually one of my favorites. It is so wonder-womany. (Goes with the recent wonder woman postage stamps in the US….so your bras and stamps can get along…so important).
Your size….Impish Lee has directions for how to measure yourself on their site. When they were first starting, I did that and it didn’t come out as well as just plugging in the size I usually use but they worked with me on that anyway and it turned out great. They are very open to feedback and it has helped them refine their work.
Order one first…Since everybody is different, I would recommend ordering one bra first, making sure it fits well, working with them if it doesn’t and then, once you are sure they work for you, ordering more.
About the fun…Can’t tell you how fun this has been. Have fun. Let us know how it goes. Btw, I don’t get paid in any way for this.

If you don’t find they fit well, or don’t find them comfortable, or find them too pricy, Cosabella has more moderately priced, underwireless bras that I find fit quite nicely. I don’t get paid for saying this either.

Namarupa: A magazine dedicated to various philosophies and traditions of India.

No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. Why disrupt your hormones and health with chemical-laden products, when there are wonderful, natural alternatives?

The Pastures: A kind, supportive, educational retreat center for women survivors of breast cancer.

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil packs: While it is cheaper to get castor oil pack flannel elsewhere and piece together a castor oil pack yourself, as I share in the appendix of   Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Science, it does get a bit messy. This pack is pretty amazing. I’ve used it overnight and moved around and it didn’t get on my sheets. I actually only recommend using them for about 90 minutes, but still…this pack is so easy to use. put the castor oil on the flannel side and tie the pack on, castor side down. Put a hot water bottle over it. That’s it. So…I recommend it. I think I do get a small commission if you purchase them here and you also get a discount if you use the code: DRCLAUDIAWELCH10 when you check out.

Sanskrit Sounds: Nicolai Bachman, BA, MA, MS. A source for learning Introductory Sanskrit.

42 The Game: Many of you may be too sattvic to indulge in card games. For those of you who do indulge, and like card games with bidding and trick-taking that can even be played with two people, you might like this. Dr. Welch and her husband made it up in the Summer of 2012.

For Allied Professionals

AcuPractice Seminars: Run by Dr. James Ventresca (Dr. Welch’s husband). Weekend programs that offer acupuncture training and continuing education to chiropractors and Western medical physicians

Brodie Welch, L.Ac.: In Corvallis, OR. An inspired practitioner and instructor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and student of 88th generation daoist priest, Jeffery Yuen. (And Dr. Welch’s sister)

Dr. Tansy Briggs: Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Very experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a familiarity with Ayurvedic herbs as well. Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dr. Charles Ventresca: My brother-in-law, a talented, compassionate Chiropractor and acupuncturist in Locust Valley, NY

New: Menopause Chronicles, an honest conversation about transformation with Dr. Claudia Welch and friends.