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In-depth articles by Dr. Claudia Welch on a wide range of topics. Maybe you'll like one of them...

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Conversations between Dr. Welch & colorful, wise, experienced practitioners & interviews with Dr. Welch.


A little bit of information on the legal status of Ayurveda and general standards of practice in the United States.


Healthy, tasty recipes that Dr. Welch has made, not a gazillion times, but many times...

Useful Websites

A helpful list of websites relating to Ayurvada, Chinese and Western Medicine and wellness in general.

Looking for an intensive, in-depth foundation in Ayurveda, that you can do in your pajamas, on your own schedule, with tea? We invite you to consider our online courses, "Foundations of Ayurveda" Parts I and II, co-taught by Dr. Claudia Welch & Dr. Robert Svoboda. 100+ hours of video, handouts, quizzes, & certificates.