Private Tutoring

When we are on a course of study to learn Āyurveda, it is sometimes helpful to get extra support. Our experienced tutors are available to provide online sessions for one-on-one support. They can address specific questions you may have on course content for any course we offer, and support deeper understanding and integration of the information presented. If you are not sure how to pursue your Āyurvedic studies, our tutors may be able to help you navigate those choices as well. These sessions are not designed to be consultations for your personal health care questions, but rather to support your general education in Āyurveda.

Buy as many 30-minute sessions as you like for $60 each, or get 10% discount with our 10-session bundle.



Sessions are conducted via either Skype or a conference call depending on your situation. (International phone numbers for conference calls are available for most countries.)

If you learn better with structure and personal support you can purchase 10 sessions in advance, at a 10% discount.

Once you’ve purchased either option, our office will contact you to set up a schedule for all of your sessions at a frequency that meets your goals and schedule needs. We make every effort to provide you support as soon as possible. However, scheduling single sessions depends on our current schedule availability.

Please note: Individual or 10-pack bundles of sessions must be used within one year of purchase. There are no refunds for unused sessions. 1 schedule change is included in the price of a single session. 3 schedule changes are included in in the 10-pack bundle. Beyond this, a nominal administrative fee ($25) will apply.

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