Vedic Threads

Drs. Claudia and Ramkumar co-facilitate this twice-monthly membership-based course, hosted by Satsangam LLC, with guest instructors and you. Together, we explore the cultural, scientific and philosophical context from and in which Indian knowledge systems like Ayurveda and yoga originated and exist. We do this through exploring concepts that weave through Indian knowledge systems–and life in general.

There are hundreds of such shared concepts. Here’s a sampling of topics we’ve explored in past sessions:

  • Prāṇa vs. śakti within the context of Ayurveda vs. traditional dance or martial arts
  • Mantra in Vedic recitation vs. kirtan
  • Rāga (desire, attachment) as both cause and cure disease
  • Pañca Mahā Yajña: 5 Major Sacrifices
  • Kalā (The Arts), Rasa (Emotion) and Rasika (The Ones Imbued with Emotion): The Arts & The Lovers
  • The Heart & The Mind According to Sufism, Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Tāla: Rhythmic Measure in Art, Architecture, Music and Dance

We plan to explore many more kalās (arts), vidyās (sciences), teachers, texts and traditions of India and concepts that relate to all of them, gain insight into how they are employed within various Vedic knowledge systems, and how they can be meaningfully incorporated into our chosen subjects (Ayurveda, Yoga) and our lives in general.

This kind of exploration can help deepen our understanding of our chosen subject, connect us to related subjects and sometimes have a glimpse into the Oneness behind the variety. For an introduction into the interconnectedness of Vedic knowledge systems, and why this is important scroll down on the Life Map page to see a video session with Drs. Ramkumar and Welch.

Join Drs. Ramkumar and Claudia Welch, world-class instructors, and about 100 sincere, curious participants (with usually about 15-20 showing up live) for intimate, enlightening conversations around these sorts of topics in this twice-monthly, live, online Vedic Threads membership and receive access to over 40 hours of past sessions.

Course Structure

This course is scheduled to meet twice a month for roughly 1.5 hours, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month for 90 minutes starting at 10:00am ET (New York time). Schedule details are available upon registration, on your main classroom page. Drs. Ramkumar and Claudia both intend to be present at all sessions and in many sessions we will also enjoy the company of distinguished guest instructors.

Take this course

35 USD/month. If you are in need of a discount, please contact Satsangam LLC and let us know what you can pay and we can work with you.


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