2023 Women’s Health Q&A & Discussion

2023 Women’s Health Q&A & Discussion

Note: below the summary are some subsequent personal sharings from participants that viewed this session after it had been recorded.

In this session, we addressed the following topics:

  • The migration of endometrial cells (as far as the nose!). What’s happening, why might that happen?
  • Why is there sometimes heavy bleeding along with stagnation?
  • Is there an impulse that catalyzes the shift between the different life stages.
  • If an action like confronting a bear sparks the ‘flight and flight’ hormonal response, what could be the impulse that drives women into menopause?
  • Could it be that women are called ‘home’ and given an opportunity to realign their path to prepare for their transition?
  • Is the role of ‘grand parenting’ and tending to the survival of the species, part of this transition?
  • Do women actively avoid this calling?
  • the role of desire and restlessness in the third stage of life

य आत्मापहतपाप्मा विजरो विमृत्युर्विशोको विजिघत्सोऽपिपासः सत्यकामः सत्यसंकल्पः सोऽन्वेष्टव्यः स विजिज्ञासितव्यः स सर्वांश्च लोकानाप्नोति सर्वांश्च कामान्यस्तमात्मानमनुविद्य विजानातीति ह प्रजापतिरुवाच ॥ ८.७.१ ॥

ya ātmāpahatapāpmā vijaro vimṛtyurviśoko vijighatso’pipāsaḥ satyakāmaḥ satyasaṃkalpaḥ so’nveṣṭavyaḥ sa vijijñāsitavyaḥ sa sarvāṃśca lokānāpnoti sarvāṃśca kāmānyastamātmānamanuvidya vijānātīti ha prajāpatiruvāca || 8.7.1 ||

The self (ātman) that is free from evils, free from old age and death, free from sorrow, free from hunger and thirst; the self whose desires and intentions are real—that is the self that you should try to discover, that is the self that you should seek to perceive. When someone discovers that self and perceives it, he obtains all the worlds, and all his desires are fulfilled.” chāndogya 8.7.1  Patrick Ollivelle’s translation

Thank you so much for addressing my question about endometrial cells navigating away from their intended place in the body. There is no longer mystery for me. I’d like to add to what you said, your intelligent and thoughtful musings about some of the inquiries and contribute to what the other woman said.

My mom used to sniff a lot. I saw this in myself and in a niece. I even started doing this when I upped my yoga practice and taught. This is why i latched on to your comment about these cells even traveling as far as the nose. FABULOUS trigger for lots of thought.

My mom died at 69 from “ovarian like” cancer. CA 125 level was 3200 which i believe was considered to be very high. They did surgery and found the ovaries to be fine. However, the peritoneal, omentum was loaded with cancer. It was an open and shut case.

My mom was very suppressed the whole time i knew her. She had too many kids, too close together and she said was hoping to survive. It was not about thrive, fun, creativity. She seemed very uncomfortable in her skin.

To add to what the other woman said, maybe it was Flavia, my mom had a strained relationship with her mom and my mom and didn’t talk or touch….apparently, besides being conceived when my parents already had a 6 month old, i was considered “complicated, inquiry, spiritually inclined and inspecting duality, choice and rights at the age of 5.

During a session of energy work about 8 years ago i was told that the practitioner sensed stagnation in my uterus and to mention to my gyn. I had an ultra sound that showed nothing. 2 years later the ultrasound revealed a “shadow”…he did a biopsy that was negative.

I’ve since tapped into my creativity and started paining, i made jewelry, had a business….and stopped. I just restarted and plan to make it a priority. I also, LOVE creating through Ayurveda and am percolating my next project, idea that i plan to bring to fruition. I am 62 and also took time to be nothing and THAT DOES NOT WORK. LOL! Im meant to create. I too want to support the next generation and spread the teachings.

These calls were recorded live with Dr. Claudia Welch for alumni of our Women’s Health & Hormones Part I and Part II online courses. We intend to offer these Women’s Health Q&A sessions for alumni a couple times yearly, and post those sessions here. Once you are a registered student of one of these courses, you will receive emails letting you know when live calls are scheduled, how to join them, and be invited to submit questions on course content and join these sessions live. We hope you find these sessions useful or interesting. Or both. Thank you for being here. –Pam B, New Jersey
Dear Dr. Welch,
I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the Women’s Health and Hormones Q&A, but I am so happy to be listening to the recording, and I wanted to share with you something that “verifies” (at least in my mind) your theory of increased bleeding being the body’s means of addressing stagnation in the uterus. I have a very clear example from my own life that you’re definitely on to something! 
When I was about 28, I became pregnant with my second child. Almost right away, I sensed something was “not right”: my body felt heavy and gravid in the first weeks, dragged down and just solid with no prana flowing in my uterus whatsoever. My skin was breaking out, and I looked grey-green, the opposite of “glowing.” At about 10 weeks, I began spotting, and went in for an ultrasound which confirmed that there was no viable fetus, but rather, just a mass of inert cells growing in my womb. 
My doctor told me I’d have a “very heavy period” as the miscarriage progressed, and would eventually simply pass this mass of cells on my own. And, about two weeks later, the process began. But this wasn’t just a heavy period – it was a full flowing, hemorrhaging that was unceasing. It happened so quickly, I soon realized I might actually bleed to death. Long story short, we called my doctor, and my husband rushed me to the ER. She met me there, and prepped me for a D&C – but the flow of blood, that was my body’s only recourse for ridding itself of dead, lifeless, stagnant – tissue, was so strong that as soon as I put my feet in the stirrups, the mass of cells slipped from my body. The bleeding subsided, and I survived, although I was only moments from receiving a transfusion, I was told. 
Have you ever read old novels of Victorian times, where heroines died in childbirth, the baby surviving and the mother ultimately bleeding to death, because the placenta would not “pass” or because the mother simply could not stop bleeding afterwards? With this miscarriage, it became clear to me that this wasn’t a fluke that had happened to me, but in fact, to countless mothers over millions of years: it was an evolutionary “last resort” really, so that the body literally floods the uterus with blood in order to help it pass inert tissue – alien, stagnant, or lifeless tissue that might cause infection ultimately – whether it be a miscarriage, the placenta during childbirth. And yes, this might very well be the body’s natural response to an imbalance of (or overabundance of) the lining of the uterus.
Aren’t our women’s bodies just wonderous and fascinating?! Thanks for letting me share that story! I hope it helps confirm for you, as it does for me, your theory. Feel free to use my story in lieu of the dog poop analogy, if you wish! LOL
with gratitude,
Michelle Ryan

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