Kathā Cikitsā: The Healing Power of Storytelling

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Kathā Cikitsā: The Healing Power of Storytelling

May 3 - May 6

where the ancient art of narrative meets the wisdom of Ayurveda

A Satsangam Retreat w. Drs. Robert Svoboda, Ramkumar, Claudia Welch, Fred Smith, yoga with Scott Blossom & more

May 3rd – 6th , 2024
$740 (all organic, vegetarian meals included)

For more information, kindly see the Satsangam event page.

Join Dr. Welch & friends for our 4th Satsangam Retreat in Taos, New Mexico to delve into the therapeutic dimensions of storytelling. The retreat is designed for those who cherish stories as well as for anyone seeking to understand how to construct or choose stories that act as the right medicine in varied situations. Also for anyone that just loves good company.

Throughout this engaging healing retreat, participants will explore how various principles of Ayurveda apply to storytelling, and how to identify the therapeutic potential of narratives. We will explore how to discern whether a story is stabilizing (bṛṃhaṇa) or activating (laṅghana); how it can be tailored to pacify vāta, pitta, or kapha imbalances; how it relates to sattva, rajas and tamas and other traditional concepts, like the five vāyus. Participants will leave with an enhanced ability to determine the healing properties of stories, recognize those suitable for specific individuals, and enrich their therapeutic toolbox with new, meaningful stories. This is an invitation to immerse in the profound legacy of the Indian tradition of storytelling (Kathā Paramparā) and discover the potent blend of storytelling and Ayurveda as a tool for healing and connection.

Scott Blossom, who has thirty years of studying Haṭha Yoga including more than 20 years studying forms of yogic practice based on South Indian yogic, dance, and martial traditions, will lead us in movement, breathing, and meditation practices.

This course may be a good fit for you if you:

  • Love stories
  • Provide counsel to others personally or professionally
  • Would like to bring more awareness to how to construct or choose a story that will act as the right medicine at the right time
  • Are a student or practitioner of any Indian wisdom tradition and would like to enrich your study and/or practice
  • Desire to enhance your understanding of the context from which Indian knowledge systems arise
  • Are hungry for a rejuvenating retreat amidst the stunning beauty of Taos, NM with like minded souls
  • Are interested to hear Dr. Svoboda in one of his very rare public appearances
  • Would like to come, lay down, and sink into a magical journey
  • Love hot springs

Additional activities

  • Divination Ceremony – Bone Throw
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Ojo Calente Mineral Springs
  • Jyotisha astrology readings (additional cost)

For more information, kindly see the Satsangam event page.


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