What are Facts Anymore? And Other Post 2016 Election Issues:

What are Facts Anymore? And Other Post 2016 Election Issues:

From episode 21 of the podcast, “Healthy Curiosity” by Dr. Welch’s acupuncturist sister, Brodie Welch, licensed acupuncturist in Corvallis, OR:

Uncertainty can be hard to deal with. Not knowing where you’re headed and what’s in store can make us feel like we need to do something to exert control over our experience, but sometimes there’s simply nothing we can do but wait. Wait to see what happens; wait to see what’s coming; wait to see what guidance, inspiration, and truth we may find along the way. In Episode 21, Brodie talks with her sister, Dr. Claudia Welch, DOM, about the feeling of being amid change, and finding ways to be comfortable as reality is shifting around us.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The layer of our being: the koshas
  • How do you figure out what is yours to do in times of great change?
  • Sūtaka: a transitional time
  • How can you soften the impact of uncertain times?
  • How does Fall relate to letting go and times of uncertainty?
  • “Unbecoming” our patterns
  • Adjusting hopes, dreams, identities, and plans when we’re in a state of flux
  • Finding truth in the midst of information/media overload
  • The importance of internal stabilization during unstable times
  • Discerning between stable and unstable times


You can also access this through iTunes. or on the dedicated Healthy Curiosity page.

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