Q & A Session from Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Q & A Session from Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Drs. Svoboda and Welch respond to questions about:

  • how doṣas interact with each other (for roughly the first hour)
  • the difference between prāṇavāhasrotas and majjāvāhasrotas (for about 15 mins)
  • how śani, “delays but does not deny”
  • what classical texts Drs. Svoboda and Welch turn to most (at the very end)

Please note that Drs. Welch & Svoboda refer to a lesson in the Foundations of Ayurveda Part I course in this session. If you are not taking the entire Foundations of Ayurveda Part I online course, you can take that lesson about doṣas interacting with each other as a stand alone lesson, without taking the entire course, if you would like.

(This is a Q&A session based on questions from the students and alumni of our following courses:  Foundations of Ayurveda Parts I and II , The Planets and Pratyāhāra: Turning Awareness Within. If you are a student or alumni of those courses, check your newsletters from us, as we plan to regularly let you know how to submit questions.)

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