Q&A Session from 20 August, 2019

Q&A Session from 20 August, 2019

Dr. Svoboda & Dr. Welch address the following topics and questions in this order:

  • Whether or not completing our Foundations of Ayurveda Parts I and/or II qualify someone to practice Ayurveda clinically (spoiler: they do not), some reasons why that is and how you can include them creatively in a program that would be sufficient to practice clinically. In this context, Dr. Welch refers students to further information on licensing and certification on this website. Also feel free to contact us for a list of our partner institutions. (This discussion lasts about 30 mins).
  • Salt. Is it the most aggravating taste for pitta? Or is pungent? And a bunch more interesting (to us at least) and important considerations about salt. (This discussion also lasts about 30 minutes). Here’s an NIH study on the effects of miso on hypertension and this is the NIH study Dr. Welch refers to about the benefits of aged miso and includes bits about the effects of this aged miso on hypertension. This short video about miso also explores the effects of miso and how it, unlike pickled foods, does not increase gastric cancer.
  • Whether or not one should force themselves to get up early as part of their daily routine, if they are tired or find they need to sleep longer. (This takes up the rest of the time).

These calls were recorded live with Dr. Claudia Welch & Dr. Robert Svoboda, for alumni of our “Foundations of Ayurveda Part I“, “Part II“, “The Planets” and, “Pratyāhāra: Turning Attention Within” complete courses (sorry, not for stand alone a la carte lessons). If you are not an alumnus of any of those courses, you are still welcome to listen to or share these sessions, but you may find them a bit confusing, as they relate to material covered in those courses.

We intend to offer Q&A sessions for alumni a couple times yearly, and post those sessions here. Once you are a registered student of one of these courses, you will receive emails letting you know when live calls are scheduled, how to join them, and be invited to submit questions on course content. We hope you find these sessions useful or interesting. Or both. Thank you for being here.

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