August Sessions of Vedic Threads: Prāṇa, the Mind and Haṭha Yoga with Robert Moses & Scott Blossom

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August Sessions of Vedic Threads: Prāṇa, the Mind and Haṭha Yoga with Robert Moses & Scott Blossom

August 3 - August 17

Registration for these two 1.5 hour Live Online Sessions 21 & 22  (03 & 17 August, 2023) here: Vedic Threads: An Online Membership Course with Drs. Ramkumar & Claudia. Schedule details available on your class page after registration.

He who, at the time of leaving his body, endowed with devotion places his prana in -between his two eyebrows through the power of yoga, and with an unshaken mind (remembers God), attains this supreme divine puruṣa. Bhagavad Gita: VIII:10

How do prāṇa, the mind and Haṭha Yoga intersect? How is this useful to us in our daily lives?

In May, in Vedic Threads, we explored the heart and the mind from Ayurveda, sufi and bhakti perspectives. In this session, Robert Moses and Dr. Scott Blossom will join Drs. Ramkumar & Claudia for a discussion on how we work with obstruction of the circulation of prāṇa through haṭha yoga practice and the role that the mind (manas) plays in the process.

Scott and Robert will share with us the benefit we can experience when we use the mind to focus prāṇa on marma points (points where prāṇa stagnates in the body), and devotional practices like puja or prayer to resolve karmas that may be obstructing free-flowing prāṇa, or simply on circulating prāṇa.

We welcome you to join us in heartfelt conversation on these themes, in our twice-monthly Vedic Threads membership-based course, co-facilitated by Drs. Claudia Welch & Ramkumar and hosted by Satsangam.

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