Video 1: 


Dr. Svoboda & Dr. Welch address the following topics and questions in this order, in the above video:

Mars, Kartikeya & fiery conditions and relationships

  • The nature of Kartikeya
  • When to treat a physical, emotional or mental condition with similars and when to treat with opposites, whether that condition is in ourselves or in relationship to the environment or other people: Use similars when the dosha has become so increased that it only takes a little more for the body to reject it and then purify it. When not increased so much, it is better to do the allopathic approach. We reference a sadhu with a particular relationship with fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsACbJKKA7Y.
  • Introducing Satsangam. A website and collaborative community Drs. Svoboda & Welch have been involved in that that orients students to Vedic knowledge systems and helps us learn them. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of these subjects. In the next two videos we show a little of what’s going on there.
  • If you’ve enjoyed taking Foundations of Ayurveda Parts I and/or 2 but have wished for more live interaction and community, there is now a new option to get that. Satsangam is planning to use our Foundations of Ayurveda Parts I & II online courses as the basis for the Ayurveda portion of their Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga course, a course that is scheduled to include weekly live support sessions to integrate the knowledge, as well as including a Yoga component, a culinary component and a Sanskrit component. Students that have already taken Foundations of Ayurveda 1 and/or 2 through DrClaudiaWelch.com, can take Satsangam’s Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga course, for very extremely hefty discounts. Contact support@Satsangam.net for details.

Video 2. Ayurveda Map: 

The above video is an orientation to where Ayurveda lives within the context of Vedic knowledge systems and to what we learn in most foundational Ayurveda courses, including the ones Drs. Svoboda & Welch have co-taught to date.

Video 3. An introduction of Dr. Robert Svobodaji using Satsangam’s, “Life map”:

These calls were recorded live with Dr. Claudia Welch & Dr. Robert Svoboda, for alumni of our “Foundations of Ayurveda Part I“, “Part II“, “The Planets” and, “Pratyāhāra: Turning Attention Within” complete courses (sorry, not for stand alone a la carte lessons). If you are not an alumnus of any of those courses, you are still welcome to listen to or share these sessions, but you may find them a bit confusing, as they relate to material covered in those courses.

We intend to offer Q&A sessions for alumni a couple times yearly, and post those sessions here. Once you are a registered student of one of these courses, you will receive emails letting you know when live calls are scheduled, how to join them, and be invited to submit questions on course content. We hope you find these sessions useful or interesting. Or both. Thank you for being here.

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