Q&A Session From 11 March, 2020

Q&A Session From 11 March, 2020

In this call from March 11, 2020, Dr. Svoboda & Dr. Welch address the following topics and questions in this order:

  1. Corona virus fear: Beer baths? Stout showers? Nope. Not enough alcohol. This chat includes a DIY hand sanitizer recipe towards the beginning, to help get you through the #coronapocalypse. According to the CDC (as of this writing), as long as your homemade sanitizer consists of at least 60% alcohol, you’re good to go.  So, your DIY sanitizer could look like this: 60 % alcohol, some aloe or neem gel mix and about 20 drops of various essential oils. I used mix of laurel, rosemary and some others I happened to have around, some of which are shown to have antiviral or antibacterial effects. I blended it all for about a minute in a Vitamix. Just check the percentage of alcohol you’ve got in whatever you’re using, and either do the math to make sure you’ve got 60% alcohol in your final product, or get a math-liking friend to do that part. Nice idea to make your own because many store-bought ones either have (if they are old) triclosan as one ingredient. And that is an endocrine disruptive substance. I hear they are banning it now but old bottles may still have it and many of the new ones may well have, “fragrance” or, “parfum” as a listed ingredient–often code for pthalates, another endocrine disruptive substance. And they often have many other unpronounceable, unrecognizable ingredients that can be problematic.
  2. What suggestions do you have for dealing with the final stages of life? What are the tools most useful for being present for people who no longer are able or wanting to deal with karmic or disease(s) that have manifested in this lifetime or another. (about a half hour discussion)
  3. You mentioned that if there is trauma in childhood (Mithya Yoga), then a simple change in diet won’t be sufficient and the trauma will need to be healed first. What measures do you recommend for healing the trauma? And how do you know whether the trauma is healed? Might a combination of say, meditation (including long retreats), homeopathy and other gentle healing techniques over a long period of time be sufficient? (again, about a half hour discussion)
  4. Kottakal herbs: I’m curious if either of the doctors have much experience with them and what they think of the quality and effectiveness of Kottakal’s products (about a five minute discussion)
  5. If Vata is pushing Kapha into the joints, do you follow a vata pacifying regiment or a Kapha pacifying routine (about a 7 minute discussion).
  6. How does Ayurveda explain the following: In a tropical country when it’s always hot and humid, Pitta is predominant and high and yet the traditional diet of the people of that country is always hot and spicy food which aggravates Pitta.

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